Catalog : Rubber covering for level crossing systems

Coverings are designed for use in the leveling of roads and railways. The covering cushion absorbs shock loads on the rails and ducts water away from railway crossing intersections. They also serve to distribute wheel load, hence enabling reduction of rail track width. In urban areas the coverings find application in the reduction of noise levels.

The coverings are used on railway tracks with 1520 mm gauge, with rails of P65, P50 type, new or used wooden sleepers of 1(1A) type, with DO-type bracing or with concrete sleepers of SHS-1y with KB-bracing, based on sleeper dimensions of 1840 pc/km (distance between sleepers axes is 540 mm). Track spacing plates are manufactured to customer’s specification.

The coverings can also be used for the leveling of roads having tramcar routes with pedestrian crossings.

Performance parameters:

load on automobile axle – 11.5t that corresponds to EU norms

Service life – 15 years.

Level crossing systems are installed both on straight sections of railway track and on radius tracks and switches. Installation on track spacings is also possible.

Methods for installation are supplied.

Layer for inner and outer panels can also be supplied.

Our development engineers are available to assist with the performance enhancement of the product range.