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Armoured radial shaft seal

Armoured radial shaft seals in accordance with GOST 8752-79 

 Radial shaft seals with spring loaded sealing lip assure sealing of shafts and are serviceable in mineral oils, water, diesel fuel at excess pressure up to 0,05 MÐa (0,5 kgf/cm²), rotation speed up to 20 m/s and temperatures from – 60°C to +100°C, depending upon rubber type. 

 Rubber group



 1. 7-IRP-1068

 from –45°C to +100°C

 NBR (nitryl butadiene rubber)

 2. 7-4004

 from –30°C to +100°C

 NBR (nitryl butadiene rubber)

 3. 7-V-14-1

 from –60°C to +100°C

 oil-, petrol- resistant


The seals are available of two types:

1 – with sealing lip

2 – with sealing lip and additional dust lip

The seals of the 1st type are suitable for sealing low viscosity media.

The seals of the 2nd type are suitable for sealing low viscosity media and for avoiding ingress of dust.

 The seals are available of the following standard sizes:

- inner diameter from 10 to 3220 mm

- outer diameter from 22 to 360 mm

- height from 7 to 18 mm