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Polyurethane moulded products

Polyurethane moulded products are manufactured via various molding techniques. Components exhibit high strength / tear resistance and low abrasion loss. Resistance to chemical attack is dependant upon grade selection. Components operate within a temperature range from –60°C to +80°C.

The following polyurethane moulded products are available:

·O-rings for cardan shaft telescopes;
·Packing rings: according to GOST 14896-84, GOST 22704-78;
·Sealing articles (sheath) for distance control cables of tractors and other agricultural machines;
·Polyurethane cleaners for completing telescopic hydraulic cylinders for tractor trailers;
·Sealing parts components;
·Seals used for platform lift hydraulic cylinders;
·Sealing articles for ball cocks;
·The wide range raw materials, coupled with production expertise, enable components to be supplied to meet a wide range of applications.