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Rubber mats in accordance with TU BY 700069297.002-2000

Used as floor covering in livestock houses (cowsheds, horse barns)

The mats are manufactured in rectangular form, the surface design is based on a spherical indentation.

Dimensions 1250x2000x11mm; can be varied by the agreement with the customer.

The mats are easy to install. Rubber mastic KH-2 is used for fixing it to concrete base. Mastic consumption for 100 m2   is 50 kg.

Rubber mats offer several advantages:

-          the surface is ribbed and not slippy

-          high strength

-          low wearability

-          low water absorption and  sufficient thermal conductivity

-          dimensional stability

-          resistance to non-organic acids, animal waste and disinfectants.

Rubber mats are non toxic.

Operation conditions from –25˚ C to +800˚ C.